Watch cornerback Patrick Peterson take over Sunday’s game for Arizona with two late interceptions

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It's rare to see a cornerback win a NFL game almost single-handedly. But, Arizona cornerback Patrick Peterson is a rare player.

Peterson, who is one of the NFL's most underrated players because he toils in obscurity with the Cardinals, took over the game against the Buccaneers in the final few minutes. The Cardinals' offense couldn't get anything going, so he took it upon himself.

With 3:12 remaining, Peterson undercut Vincent Jackson on a crossing route and made a fantastic interception. An Arizona team that hadn't scored a touchdown in six quarters and was trailing 10-3 got a touchdown one play after Peterson's great interception, as Larry Fitzgerald scored to tie the game.

Shortly after that the Cardinals took a 13-10 lead on a field goal, but Tampa Bay could have tied the game with a field goal or won it with a touchdown in the final minute. But rookie quarterback Mike Glennon threw another interception to Peterson with 48 seconds left to seal the win.

Not many people watched that terrible Cardinals-Buccaneers game, but those who did were treated to a great performance by one of the best players in the NFL.

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