Washington Redskins receiver Josh Morgan’s mother escapes Navy Yard shooting unharmed

Washington Redskins receiver Josh Morgan panicked when he couldn't reach his mother following the deadly Navy Yard shootings Monday morning.

Soon, though, the panic turned to relief as another family member located her. Morgan's mother, LaWanda Ware, is an employee at the Washington Navy Yard, where at least 12 victims were killed and many more injured in the shootings.

But the harrowing moments of waiting, incredibly, were nothing new to the Morgan family. He told the media his amazing set of circumstances and tragedies, per the Washington Post:

“Unfortunately it’s not the first time,” Morgan said before Ware was located. “It happened in 9-11 when she was at the Pentagon. It happened to me when I was at Virginia Tech, the shooting down there. Kind of all too familiar with it unfortunately, I’m just praying for the best and hoping to hear from her soon.”

Morgan, a D.C. native, played in college at Virginia Tech, the sight of the largest single-gunman shooting in U.S. history in 2007.

He was at Redskins Park on Monday for practice and said he tried to reach Ware for more than 30 minutes without avail. Finally, a cousin reached her and passed the news onto Morgan that she was alive and well.

Good news on a somber day. Thoughts, prayers and well wishes to the families of the victims.

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