Violence in football is alive and well … in the Pro Bowl stands, at least

A brief respite from Super Bowl-related mania: some ALL of the wildest action in the Pro Bowl occurred in the stands during a brawl that began when ... well, who knows why these things begin, especially in Hawaii. Once begun, however, there was only one way for this brawl to end: with at least one person dumped onto the field and corralled by floral-shirted security guards.

With all the usual violence-is-bad, don't-do-this-at-home caveats in place, there's just so much to love about this video:

• The array of fan jerseys on display, including Joe Montana, Hines Ward, Brett Favre, Matt Ryan and others. (See the full rundown here.) Special shout-out to the bro wearing the Tim Tebow jersey; at least the uni made it to Hawaii ha ha ha.

• The way the AFC bench and players on the field turn en masse to watch the happenings in the stands.

• The way the guy in the red shirt is punching the soles of the feet of the Andre Johnson-jersey-wearing cat. Not sure Vegas would score those as legitimate punches, sir.

• The way the guy wearing the Aaron Brooks Saints jersey deftly slung one of his opponents over the retaining wall. We know that wasn't the real Aaron Brooks, because the guy would've been intercepted on his way down.

• The way it's the fans of teams who fell short this year — Falcons, Steelers, Saints, Texans — who seem to be filled with the most rage. Think there's any connection?

Don't try to outdo this, Super Bowl fans. Louisiana cops won't be nearly as compassionate as Honolulu ones.

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