Vincent Jackson's wrists may have been a little sore on Sunday

Everyone thought Darrelle Revis(notes) would handcuff Vincent Jackson(notes) during the Chargers/Jets game on Sunday. It didn't quite work out that way, but that's all right. The cops did it for him before the game.

Jackson was pulled over a few hours before kickoff for playing loud music in his car. Once pulled over, the officer found that Jackson was driving with a suspended license and expired tags. And that's when the cuffs went on.

Man, the cops in San Diego will cuff anybody. First, the taunting Jets fan from Monday, and today, a star wide receiver, for loud freakin' music, on the day of a playoff game. Who's side are you on, copper? How about, you know, a little consideration for the home team?

Anyway, things worked in the end when Jackson was able to catch a ride to the stadium with Philip Rivers(notes) and Billy Volek(notes). From there, there was no trouble of anyone getting pulled over for playing the music too loud. It all started when Rivers looked around the car and said, "Radio? Who needs a radio? Ready, Billy?"

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