Vince Young says the Eagles are going to be a ‘dream team’

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Usually when someone invokes the famous "those who cannot remember history are doomed to repeat it" quote, the historical event that forms the basis of this theoretical lesson happened years, decades or even centuries before. In the case of Vince Young, the past he failed to learn from was June.

At his introductory press conference with the Philadelphia Eagles over the weekend, the team's new backup quarterback was asked to describe the players Philly brought in during the whirlwind NFL free-agency period.

"Dream team," he responded, evidently because he's never seen that clip of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh walking out of a tunnel with a smoke machine.

"Nnamdi [Asomugha] to [Dominique Rodgers-]Cromartie, to Jason [Babin] to myself," Young said, "I know they are going to do some more things. […] It's just beautiful to see where we're trying to go."

Babin agreed. He wrote on Twitter: "I feel like we're the Miami Heat of the NFL." (At least Young aimed high with the Dream Team comparison. Being the Heat basically makes you, well, the Eagles.)

With all those acquisitions and the presence of Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson, there was going to be pressure on the Eagles regardless of what Vince Young said at a press conference in July, just like the Miami Heat still would have been favorites even if LeBron hadn't gone all auctioneer in rattling off the amount of titles he thinks they're going to win. Why add another distraction, though?

This quote is going to be recalled every time the Eagles lose a game or whenever Vick inevitably gets banged up and Young has to replace him for a start or two. "SportsCenter" will play it ad nauseam during the playoffs. The New York Post will use it creatively in headlines should the Eagles lose one of their three games against the Giants and Jets this season. It's going to attach itself to this team and won't be forgotten until DeSean Jackson says something even more outlandish.

And it's going to be that way precisely because there's some truth in what Young says. When Ndamukong Suh says the Lions are going to go 16-0, it's met with a laugh. Nobody believes it and, more importantly, nobody believes Suh believes it. Vince Young believes the Eagles are a dream team. Because he may be right, fans of the other 31 teams will delight in pointing out if he's wrong.

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