Vince Young gets a tryout with the Buffalo Bills

Vince Young, the third overall pick in the 2006 draft, is going to be in Buffalo on Wednesday, auditioning to be a backup Bill. The audition won't be for the starting job he wanted, but hey, it beats no audition at all.

The Bills have a hole in their depth chart behind starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (if Fitzpatrick doesn't qualify as a depth chart hole himself ‒ more on that in a minute). The only name behind him is Tyler Thigpen, and the Bills failed to address the QB spot with any of their nine draft picks.

So at the moment, backing up Fitzpatrick are Tyler Thigpen and an undrafted chap who played his college ball at Richmond. Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick himself struggled in the second half of last season. So no, no one's bringing in Vince Young as a starter, but if that is indeed what he's looking for, situations don't get much more wide open than the one in Buffalo right now.

Buffalo has a need at backup quarterback and Vince Young has a need of employment, so it seems like a good fit. Perhaps the only snag is that Vince Young might not be very good at quarterbacking anymore. He threw 114 passes last year in relief of Michael Vick, and completed just 66 of them. He threw nine interceptions against four touchdowns.

For some quarterbacks, though, it's all about the system. Young, in his last couple of days as a Titan, protected the football pretty well. Maybe Chan Gailey's system in Buffalo will suit him better than Andy Reid's did in Philly.

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