Video: The Wes Welker drop that probably cost the Patriots the Super Bowl

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With a two-point lead, the Patriots had to punt the ball back to the Giants with 3:46 left to play in the game. They wouldn't have had to, had Wes Welker made this catch.

NBC commentator Cris Collinsworth said Welker makes that catch "100 times out of 100." I'd argue that 99 out of 100 would've been more accurate.

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The Giants went ahead with a touchdown on the ensuing drive, and it would prove to be the last score of the game. 21-17 Giants was your final.

According to Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe, Welker's having a tough time dealing with it. "It's one I'll have to live with," he said as he fought back tears.

The Patriots did have a chance to come back after the drop and the Giants touchdown. They took possession on their own 20 yard-line with :57 to play, but again, drops buried them. Deion Branch dropped a ball on first down, Aaron Hernandez dropped one on second, and the Patriots were behind the eight-ball. They did get close to midfield for a Hail Mary attempt, but it was a pipe dream that wasn't meant to be.

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Of all things, the Pats were done in by a drop by Wes Welker. He was targeted eight times on the day, and caught seven balls. That's the one he missed. He's made a career out of having terrific hands and coming up with big-time catches in traffic. Not that this catch would've been the easiest one in the world, but it's one you can usually depend on Welker to make. If you could pick any receiver in the world to make that catch, Welker wouldn't be far down your list.

He couldn't keep his hands on the ball, though. And now he doesn't get his hands on a trophy. Congratulations, New York Giants.

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