Video: Tyler Thigpen gets hit in the head with a football

Chris Chase

Tyler Thigpen is 1-11 in his 12 career NFL starts and has spent the first seven games of this season backing up the Buffalo Bills' new $59 million man, Ryan Fitzpatrick. For a brief moment in Sunday's game, it appeared the Coastal Carolina product was going to get a chance to redeem himself on the field when Fitzpatrick took a vicious hit from Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher and it looked like Thigpen would have to come in the game to replace him.

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Then, while he was awaiting his entrance, somebody tossed him a ball with which to warm up with and this metaphor for his NFL career happened:

Needless to say, Thigpen did not enter the game. Fitzpatrick walked off the hit and concluded the half, eventually leading Buffalo to a 23-0 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Good thing for Thigpen that, unlike a famous former Bills player with similar double-T initials, he was able to find his helmet before trying to get on the field.

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