Video — Tom Brady on the Mannings: ‘They bring out the best of you’

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sat down with former teammate WIllie McGinest for an exclusive interview on the NFL Network. Among the things Brady discussed was his knowledge that every time he goes up against a quarterback named Manning, it's always a supreme challenge. Brady's Pats had many battles with Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts over the last decade, and younger brother Eli has proven to be Brady's white whale of late -- the quarterback of the team Brady can't seem to master.

"These guys bring the best out of you," Brady said. "They have a great football family, their dad [Archie Manning] obviously was a great quarterback and you know they're going to play their best. Eli always does; every time we play Eli, I sit on the sideline and watch him go up and down the field and I go, 'Can we slow this guy down?'"

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