Video: Tim Tebow asked to Military Ball by Louisiana Airman

Two years ago, Tim Tebow was in full training for the NFL Draft, eventually being taken in the first round by the Denver Broncos. Now after leading the Broncos to the AFC West title and the playoffs, Tebow is ready to be drafted again.

But this time, it is Uncle Sam that wants him.

Well, maybe not Uncle…

Airman Jamie Walden, an active-duty member of the military based in Shreveport, LA goes on YouTube to ask if the Broncos quarterback will be her date to the upcoming Military Ball. In the opening seconds of the video, Walden wastes little time and in prompt military fashion, flat-out makes her request.

"Tim Tebow, will you be my date to the 2012 Military Ball, my first Military Ball here in Shreveport?" Walden asks as she stares into the camera.

The video includes Walden's mother Patti making a plea for Tebow to be her daughter's date. it also includes similar outreaches from many of the brave fighting men and women on Walden's base, encouraging Tebow to "Say yes, Tim."

Of course, Tebow may not be the best choice for Walden to take to the ball if she wants to boogie the night away. ESPN's Erin Andrews burst all of our hopes last month when she said that while Tebow can cut all over the football field, he can't bust a move on the dance floor. Andrews told GQ that "Tebow can do a lot of things, but he cannot dance."

Walden doesn't seem to know or care that her possible date might be a wallflower, ending her video having changed from her fatigues into more casual clothes with her hair let down.

"So Tim, with that being said, I hope your answer is yes, and I hope to hear from you soon. Bye," Walden says, waving and smiling.

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