Video: Thom Brennaman may once again proclaim his love for Tim Tebow

If you're totally in the boat with the Tim Tebow love-fest, you'll want to make sure and tune in to today's matchup between Tebow's Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings on Fox. The announcing crew for that game will include Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick in the booth, and Laura Okmin on the sideline.

Why is this important? Because of the last time Brennaman had a Tebow game and was able to gush unreservedly about the young man who just makes everybody feel better. For those of you with stronger constitutions, we give you three minutes of Brennaman on Tebow in the 2009 BCS Championship game:

Uh ... wow. We'll keep you posted regarding any follow-up man-crushing; hopefully the higher-ups at Fox have told Brennaman to ease off a bit.

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