Video: Terrell Thomas suffers freak injury, out for 2011 season

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The depleted New York Giants secondary got a lot thinner Monday night when the team's top cornerback, Terrell Thomas, tore his ACL late in the second half of the team's preseason game against the Chicago Bears and was lost for the season.

It didn't take long for some fans to question why Thomas was in the game with 25 seconds left in the second quarter. This is the standard operating procedure anytime a good player goes down during the exhibition season.

Watch the play and judge for yourself:

That was the sort of freak injury that happens with surprising rarity in the NFL. Players get hurt a lot, sure, but think of how many times you see a play like the one above during an NFL game. Ten? Twenty? And in most of those cases, both players get up without a problem and stay on the field. When I watch games, I can't believe how often players' knees bend awkwardly with no ill-effects. Thomas was unlucky. It happens. He could have suffered the same injury in practice, during a scrimmage, in a preseason game or during the regular season. Does it matter in which?

Tom Coughlin doesn't think so. He said Thomas was set to take between 25-30 snaps and since the first-team defense hadn't taken that many, they were still out on the field.

An injury stings more in the preseason because it seems like it came when nothing was on the line. Under that theory nobody should ever play exhibitions, since any injury suffered would be inherently unnecessary. If the games are meaningless, then so is every play in said games. Why does it matter if he got hurt on the first play or the last play? He's still out for the year.

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