Video: See all 64 touchdowns from Sunday’s gameday action

As always, our good friends at and the RedZone Channel (still the most addictive substance around, no matter where you live) have given us the video of all 64 touchdowns scored in Sunday's morning and afternoon games (depending on your time zone).

This week, we've got some interesting ones -- start with the three rushing touchdowns scores by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, as the rookie quarterback zone-optioned the Buffalo Bills into oblivion. Wilson wasn't the only NFC West player to surprise with three rushing scores -- Arizona's Beanie Wells also put up a trio of rushing touchdowns in the Cardinals' 38-10 shocker over the Detroit Lions.

Cleveland's Trent Richardson, Carolina's Mike Tolbert, and Washington's Alfred Morris each put up a pair of rushing touchdowns, leaving Adrian Peterson with just one score. Begging the question: How does a guy rush for 212 yards, and hit the end zone just once? Seattle's Marshawn Lynch is probably wondering the same thing about his day, in which he gained 113 yards on just 10 carries, and scored just once. Hopefully, Lynch has his quarterback on his fantasy team.

Among the 35 passing touchdowns you'll see, there are the four scores thrown by New Orleans' Drew Brees in the Saints' 41-0 beatdown of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. St. Louis' Sam Bradford, Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, and Atlanta's Matt Ryan each threw for three touchdowns. Other guys, like Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick and Cleveland's Brandon Weeden, had a touchdown pass each, but their days were partially ruined by two-pick days.

Touchdowns you won't see? Well, you won't see any from Eli Manning or Josh Freeman, as their teams were goose-egged. If we had a pick reel, Freeman would lead that up, as he threw four against the Saints. Matthew Stafford also has an Excedrin headache after his three-pick, no-touchdown game against the Cards.

Of course, the most impressive defensive touchdown was scored by Chris Harris of the Denver Broncos, who spoiled Joe Flacco's day with a 98-yard pick-six.

It's all the splash plays in one convenient package. So sit back, grab your favorite refreshment, and enjoy all of Sunday's touchdowns!

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