Video: Seahawks WR Sidney Rice knocked for a loop on game-winning overtime TD catch

Seattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice was fortunate that the ball he caught broke the plane of the end zone in overtime on the play that led his team to a 23-17 overtime win over the Chicago Bears. Rice was hit so hard by Bears safety Major Wright, he was out cold before he hit the ground. The 13-yard pass from quarterback Russell Wilson was the final play of an 80-yard drive to start the extra quarter.

It was the Seahawks' first overtime win since 2005.

We got the feeling, however, that Rice will have to ask his teammates how the play went. As he went to the left side of the end zone, Wright launched himself at the receiver, leading to a violent collision that seemed legal on its face.

There was no obvious helmet-to-helmet contact, but that doesn't mean Rice won't need a few extra Advil on Sunday night. Rice was down on the field for several minutes before he was allowed to get up and walk to the sideline. The play was reviewed by referee Mike Carey for a long time, but the touchdown ruling held up.

Rice insisted that he was coherent after the hit.

"I definitely knew I was in there. They just made me stay down because I got a little dinged up there for a second. They made me stay down. They took me off the field, but they knew I was in the end zone ... I had a couple of concussions before [in his career] so they just wanted to make sure."

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