Video: Samuel L. Jackson in new Falcons TV commercial

The Atlanta Falcons debuted a new ad campaign on Monday featuring Samuel L. Jackson, a gospel choir and highlights of Tony Gonzalez(notes) dunking the football to entice local fans to buy tickets and support the team.

For the first 17 seconds of the commercial, it looks like Jackson is about to sell us a long-distance company or make an impassioned plea for viewers to donate money to earthquake relief. At points his "rise up" plea sounds like his final speech in "Pulp Fiction." Nonetheless, I still got goosebumps.

Yeah, it's sort of pathetic that the Falcons need to take out TV spots to sell support and season tickets for an exciting young team, but Atlanta isn't Green Bay or Dallas. You get fans in the seats however you can. And if it takes Mister Senor Love Daddy to sell five-game packs featuring the Chiefs and Bucs then that's the double truth, Ruth.

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