Video: Ref knocked down, trapped under huge fumble pile

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Referee Ron Winter was shaken up, but fine, after getting caught in the middle of a mass of players during Sunday's game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.

The ref was backpedaling near the Ravens end zone, trying to stay out of the way of Baltimore's Jimmy Smith after the rookie intercepted Andy Dalton and was running for a return touchdown. He was doing a fine job until the ball was popped loose from Smith's grip and bounced directly towards him, causing a rush of players to dive at Winter and knock him off his feet, sending him under a pile of players trying to recover the fumble.

Winter was swallowed up in that pile like Ahab by the whale. It's a mini-miracle and a testament to his toughness that he was able to emerge from helmeted, padded players crashing on him without a scratch.

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