Video: Redskins star Laron Landry and his nine-step handshake

This short clip of Laron Landry(notes) visiting his SE Washington, D.C., barbershop is fantastic. In it, the rising defensive star opens up about his on-field problems last year, discusses why he travels nearly an hour to get a haircut at this specific barbershop and explains why he used to cut his own hair during his college days at LSU.

The highlight, though, is the intricate handshake Landry is greeted with when he enters the Like That Barbershop (17 seconds into the clip):

By my count, that's nine steps.

No wonder Landry has improved so much this year. When your handshake has more parts than a Beethoven symphony, reading a hot route is probably a piece of cake.

Thanks, DC Sports Bog and Redskins Blog