Video: Redskins and Seahawks get chippy throughout an ugly game

SEATTLE, Wash. -- The Washington Redskins' 23-17 Sunday afternoon win over the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field was nobody's Game of the Century — Rex Grossman managed to put some serious dents in an unusually passive Seattle pass rush for 314 yards and two touchdowns. Of course, since he's Rex Grossman, he also managed to throw two head-shaking picks, which the Seahawks were unable to use to their advantage as they blew a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter.

The real story, however, was the back-and-forth between the two teams that had very little to do with the playbook. There were several fights and near-fights before and during the game, ad the problems didn't take long to start.

According to Rick Maese of the Washington Post, cornerback DeAngelo Hall said that the Seahawks players were upset that the Redskins were huddling at the team's midfield logo before the game, which Maese told me is something they do before every game, no matter where they are. From there, things got chippier and chipper, and there was this little fracas before the game even started, when head official Clete Blakeman was trying to get the coin toss off:

"That's football — everybody's competitive," Redskins tight end Fred Davis said. "Those guys, they're talking like they're Super Bowl champions. I'm looking at them like, you guys almost have the same record as us. I guess they came off two [straight] wins, so they feel confident."

The Seahawks were more succinct about the incidents. Running back Leon Washington preferred not to comment. Running back Michael Robinson, who prides himself on keeping his head in the most trying circumstances, explained it thusly:

"We were competing, and things were said ... it was a little different because I know another guy from Virginia [Hall]. I was definitely out of character [on the coin flip] -- I want to apologize to my teammates and all the Seahawks fans."

So … did knowing Hall [who's known for having a mouth and using it on the field] compound the issue?

"Naw," Robinson said. "He's just garbage."

Alrighty then. Both teams are 4-7 now, with playoff aspirations an ever-shrinking dot in the rear-view. The Redskins are three games behind the Cowboys team they lost to in overtime last week, and the Seahawks are running out of air at five games behind the 9-2 San Francisco 49ers.

Perhaps that's why there was so much enmity on the field — neither team had much give when it came to wins and losses, and there was a desperate feel to the efforts of both teams.

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