Video: 'The Rachel Maddow Show' re-enacts ‘Tripgate'

You know how it is -- when you're trying to make a point without all the tools you might like, you may need to get creative. This was the case for political talk-show host Rachel Maddow, when she wanted to show the recent tripping incident in the Jets-Dolphins game that set the league ablaze, made Sal Alosi a (soon-to-be-unemployed) household name, and no doubt set Roger Goodell and Ray Anderson on a mission to implement a series of inconsistent, shoddily applied rules regarding sideline activities of any stripe.

However, when Maddow tried to get video of the incident for her MSNBC program, the NFL refused. So, Maddow -- as is her wont -- got both creative and delightfully snarky with the concept, grabbing five guys (I assume they work on the show) to do what looks like a summer stock theater version of the play.

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Of course, the inconsistencies in the re-enactment (entitled "The Left Knee of Doom") are numerous. The guy playing Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll(notes) is wearing a Brandon Marshall(notes) jersey and no helmet (he'll probably get a fine from Goodell for that), the four Jets creating the illegal wall are wearing jeans (MSNBC couldn't pop for four pairs of Jets sweatpants?), that was obviously fake slo-mo, and the two Jets dudes to the right couldn't even execute a proper fist-bump. However, the manual telestrator (a big white circle, used to highlight the fake incident) was a very nice touch.

At Shutdown Corner, we're very happy that the NFL allows us to use official video to enhance our posts. But we're also glad Ms. Maddow was shut out in this case -- no matter your political leanings, her solution was pretty funny.

H/T to: My mom, who watches "The Rachel Maddow Show" every day and told me about this. Thanks, mom!

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