Video: Nobody caught Jabar Gaffney when he dove into stands

Chris Chase

A nickel's worth of free advice for all you potential Lambeau Leapers out there: Make sure you're jumping into a crowd that's eager to catch you.

Washington Redskins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney learned that the hard way on Sunday. Expecting to be greeted warmly by fans at FedEx Field after his second quarter touchdown, Gaffney made the mistake of jumping directly at a guy wearing a New England Patriots hat and Boston Red Sox sweatshirt. When the gentleman didn't catch him, Gaffney disappeared into the stands.

Gaffney spoke about his ill-fated leap after the game.

"All the receivers, we was gonna jump into the stands with every touchdown today," he told Comcast SportsNet. "And I think I went a little bit too high. I missed the ledge and I went over and I just ended up in the seat. It was a lot more comfortable in the seat, though."