Video: Like most sequels, ‘The Play II’ is no match for the original

Jay Busbee

With time almost out and options dwindling, Carolina's Cam Newton tried to turn defeat into victory using a time-honored pull-it-out-of-your-back-pocket technique in the tradition of The Play.

You know The Play, right? Cal-Stanford, November 1982, five laterals and one flattened trombone as part of a last-second Cal victory. Here's a little refresher:

Eerie coincidence time: Panthers coach Ron Rivera was a member of that Cal team. So would history repeat itself?

Nope. Teams practice some variant of The Play, but there's a reason that it, and The Music City Miracle, and other similar freak events have their own names: they don't work very often. They tend to collapse like plays designed by ten-year-olds in the back yard, and that's exactly what happened here. The Cowboys, thanks to a fourth-quarter go-ahead drive engineered by Tony Romo — stop giggling, we're serious — beat the Panthers 19-14.

So, no luck for Newton this time. You know what would be wild? Doing one of those plays to start a game. Nobody would EVER expect that.

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