Video: After mocking Plaxico, Steve Johnson shoots self in foot

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Get it? Shoots himself in the foot. It's a play on words (that was made by approximately 250 people simultaneously on Twitter).

Anyway, Steve Johnson blamed himself for Buffalo's loss to the New York Jets because of the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty he drew after falling to the ground like a sputtering jet (get it?!) during a prolonged touchdown celebration in which he also mocked Plaxico Burress by pantomiming shooting himself in the leg (get it?!). While it's true that the 15-yard penalty gave the Jets better field position and enabled them to tie the game with a touchdown of their own, Johnson's more egregious act was dropping two possible touchdowns in the final 35 seconds of the game.

The first one is an easy grab that could have led to a touchdown. I'm guessing Johnson pulled a DeSean Jackson and heard footsteps, thus causing him to drop the ball. Whether or not he'd have gotten into the end zone after the catch is a matter of debate. Safety Jim Leonhard (No. 36) is approaching quickly and looked set to make a tackle but, who knows, maybe Johnson could have cut toward the sideline and put his team ahead.

The second one was thrown behind Johnson. It's still a catch that should be made by a receiver who considers himself top-flight. Johnson disagrees, though.

He doesn't get it.

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