Video: Mike Shanahan didn't know the Redskins game was over

When Dallas Cowboys tackle Alex Barron(notes) was called for a holding penalty with no time left on the clock in Sunday's game against Washington Redskins, everyone at FedEx Field seemed to know it meant the game was over. Except new 'Skins coach Mike Shanahan:

Though Shanahan realized the touchdown would be called back, he clearly didn't know the game had ended. Special teams coach Danny Smith had to alert the head coach, but even his explanation was faulty.

"There's a 10-second runoff," Smith said. "The game's over." The game was over, but not because of a 10-second runoff. Because there was no time left on the clock when the play was completed, the game ended on the offensive penalty.

We'll forgive Shanahan because it must have been dumbfounding to watch Alex Barron's stupidity up close. But at least the coach's mistake was fleeting. Donovan McNabb(notes) still doesn't understand why the game didn't go into double-overtime.

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