Video: Michael Vick's first post-prison television commercial

Michael Vick(notes) is back on Madison Avenue. Granted, it's the Madison Avenue in Woodbury, N.J., but it's a start.

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The quarterback is appearing in his first commercial since being released from federal prison two years ago. It's a spot for a local car dealership in the Philadelphia suburb, hardly a multi-million dollar Nike commercial, but the good-natured spoof of "The Office" is enjoyable nonetheless:

Michael Vick's Woodbury Nissan Commercial @ Yahoo! Video

I was fully prepared to mercilessly mock the commercial, but as far as local advertisements for car dealerships go, this one was actually pretty good. The scenes with the picture taking and key throwing are funny, and the acting is on par with your usual episode of "Entourage." It's sort of weird that they badmouth one of their own cars, and the scene with Vick standing over the guy to make sure he signs a contract comes across as more intimidating than Vick's people would probably like, but it doesn't matter. This commercial isn't geared toward people on the fence about Vick, it's meant for the ones who have bought his jersey and root for him without thinking of his past.

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Michael McCarthy of USA Today reports that Vick wasn't paid for the spot, but gets free use of a $54,000 Nissan Armada.

If Vick continues to play well on the field, this won't be the last commercial you'll see him in. In terms of endorsements, everyone comes back if they prove their worth on the field. Kobe Bryant did it. Ray Lewis(notes) did it. Michael Vick will be next.

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