Video: Marion Barber cannot properly execute a back flip

It was nice that Chicago Bears running back Marion Barber scored his first touchdown for his new team with 1:23 left in the Bears' 34-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers, but the ex-Dallas Cowboy needs to grab a few style points in the all-important post-touchdown celebration game. For Exhibit A, I give you this debacle:

Yikes. Barber may be better off taking the example of teammate Devin Hester, who simply pulled off three somersaults after he broke Eric Metcalf's all-time punt return touchdown record:

Or, as our own Maggie Hendricks suggested, Barber could avail himself to the services of the Jesse White Tumblers, a group that frequently performs at Bears games and helps underprivileged children.

No matter what Barber does to fix this issue, this has got to be addressed. We can't have running backs face planting themselves during touchdown celebrations — this is the NFL, people!

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