Video: Mario Manningham makes crucial sideline catch for Giants’ Super Bowl win

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

In the final minutes of the Super Bowl, the New York Giants were pinned on their own 12-yard line, and had to get to the end zone in 3:46. Eli Manning made a quick strike to get into the New England Patriots territory but needed Mario Manningham to execute a perfect sideline catch to make it work.

Perfect execution is exactly what Manningham did. With Patrick Chung on his back, Manningham not only made the catch, but also had his feet in perfect position for the 38-yard throw to be called a catch. Patriots coach Bill Belichick challenged the call, but the officials confirmed what Manningham already knew. He made that catch.

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The catch set up the Giants score in the final two minutes, and Belichick's challenge burned a New England timeout. Minutes after Manningham made the key play, Tom Brady was not able to get his team to the end zone, and with a 21-17 win, the Giants were again Super Bowl champs.

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