Video: Lions' 300-pound rookie, Suh, attempts extra point

When he was young, Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh(notes) played soccer instead of football because his mom wanted him to play a non-contact sport. He came from a soccer family, with a father who played semi-professionally and a sister who played in college. On Sunday, the 307-pound rookie got a chance to display his skills in his team's game against the New York Jets.

After veteran Lions kicker Jason Hanson(notes) was injured, Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz turned to his star defensive player to try an extra point. It resulted in one of the most unusual-looking plays since William "Refrigerator" Perry used to rumble into the end zone for the Chicago Bears 25 years ago:

For a 300-pounder, Suh looked pretty smooth on the kick. Had he not overstepped his approach to the ball, as CBS analyst Steve Tasker astutely noticed, Suh's try likely would have been successful. (Meanwhile, Gus Johnson is so great at play-by-play. Notice the playful call he gives when Suh misses.) It was the last one he would try in the game; Hanson returned for the Lions' next kick.

[Rewind: Number of 300-pound lineman ballooning]

Though the Suh attempt was amusing at the time, it had major implications in the game. The Lions ended up losing to the Jets in overtime. Had Suh's kick been good, the Lions would have won in regulation, 21-20.

[Photos: See more of Ndamukong Suh in action]

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