Video: Jaguars mascot bungee jumps from top of stadium

Pregame mascot hijinks were taken up a notch Sunday before the Jacksonville Jaguars' home game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jags mascot Jaxson de Ville (get it?) bungee jumped from a lighting tower at EverBank Stadium prior to kickoff, raising the stakes for all other mascots used to driving around in a golf cart and stealing popcorn from unsuspecting children:

Sunday wasn't Mr. De Ville's first brush with danger, both literal and figurative. The mascot has zip-lined across the stadium on several occasions (including last year when he ended up getting stuck over the field for three minutes), but is perhaps best known for inspiring a rule requiring mascots to stay on the sidelines. That came after the mascot's antics during a Monday night game in 2007 drew a complaint from Indianapolis Colts GM Bill Polian.

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Jaxson's jump was likely the most exciting thing Jags fans saw all day at the stadium. The hometown team gained just 184 yards in a listless 28-3 loss to Michael Vick(notes) and the Eagles.

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