Video: Hoge’s interesting answer to a Pryor-Tebow hypothetical

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Before Terrelle Pryor was selected by the Oakland Raiders in Monday's supplemental draft, ESPN analyst Merril Hoge was asked live on "SportsCenter" whether he'd rather have the former Ohio State quarterback on his team or Tim Tebow.

His answer:

Hoge is going all-in with the Tebow hating. Earlier this month he got into a Twitter war with the young quarterback that ended when LeBron James raced to Tebow's defense, because LeBron knows all about failing to live up to expectations, you see.

Me, I like Hoge's new schtick. ESPN analysts like to tell you how great all young players are going to be but rarely stray to the other side. Watch this clip of ESPN's draft coverage of JaMarcus Russell getting taken with the first pick in the 2007 NFL draft. There was plenty of talk at the time that Russell was overweight and had a questionable work ethic. Mel Kiper and Steve Young didn't touch on any of it. They never do because it's far worse to incorrectly predict an eventual star is going to stink than to get it wrong by saying a future bust is going to be great.

It's easier to pick on Tebow now that he's shown he can't dominate the NFL like he did the NCAA. I like it nonetheless. Keep burning those bridges, Merril. Flame on!

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