Video: Falcons center's miserable shotgun snap

To call this play from "Monday Night Football" a bad snap would be to suggest that the ball was snapped at all. It came courtesy Todd McClure(notes) of the Atlanta Falcons, who was trying to get the ball to Matt Ryan(notes). If the Falcons quarterback was lined up in the shotgun, the snap was a .22.

It's like he intentionally left the ball in the center of the field, like a referee in a water polo match or Terrell Owens(notes) that time he slammed the ball on the Dallas star. It wasn't a snap so much as it was a dribble.

McClure later talked about it to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"The nose of the ball got caught on the turf. [...] I feel just awful about it. That has never happened to me before and of all the games for it to happen ... I put the team in a terrible position. I just felt awful. A terrible feeling."

The center shouldn't beat himself up too badly. The snap was awful and led to a New Orleans touchdown, but Atlanta took the lead later in the game, so it's not as if the mistake sunk the Falcons chances for good.

McClure is a 12-year veteran. These things happen sometimes. It wasn't a mental error or a bad decision or a poor coverage, it was an unfortunate accident. The ball held up. It's probably a mistake he hasn't made since middle school football.

Atlanta can still win the NFC South and clinch home-field advantage with a win on Sunday over the Carolina Panthers, the team with the worst record in the NFL.

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