Video: Donovan McNabb's pre-game dance moves

When his quarterbacking career is over, Donovan McNabb(notes) might have a place on Dancing With The Stars.

NBC cameras caught the Philadelphia Eagles star mid-dance one hour before kick-off of Saturday night's wild card playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys:

That looks like a dance move inspired by Don Ho, Mick Jagger and Dustin Hoffman at the end of The Graduate.

Al Michaels sarcastically asks Cris Collinsworth if he's ever seen anyone more nervous, implying that McNabb's antics are the definition of cool and poise. I have the opposite reaction. That's anxiety and over-excitement, not calmness. It's a put-on. McNabb does these things (like picking up a phone on the sideline or doing some hexing with his arms) to give the appearance that he's in control, but the hijinks instead suggest a man with difficulty reining in his emotions.

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