Video: Dhani Jones disses Urlacher, rates himself rather highly

There were a couple of interesting aspects to the Tuesday appearance of Cincinnati Bengals linebacker and adventure show host Dhani Jones on the NFL Network's "Total Access" program. Jones had a lot to say even when he wasn't rating the NFL's 10 best linebackers — at one point, he went along with Bengals teammates Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones, who have each said that disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer would be better off elsewhere.

"I think he's had enough, I think he's ready to move on to a different situation, and it's time for him to go," Jones said. "He just wants a change … "I think they need to bring in a vet quarterback that's going to replace the leadership qualities and capabilities that Carson had. I'm not sure Jordan [Palmer is] the answer."

Jones then said that the Bengals had trouble with teamwork down the stretch, but that he would like to return to the team. Then, the top 10 list.

This won't make him very popular in Chicago — not only did Jones put himself (#7) above Lance Briggs (#8), he omitted Brian Urlacher from the list entirely. When Jamie Dukes asked Jones why, the bowtied 'backer got a bit catty: "When was the last time Brian Urlacher got off a block?"

Yeouch. Warren Sapp, offended that Pittsburgh's LaMarr Woodley wasn't on the list either, sprayed deodorant on it, and told Jones, "Now your list don't stink anymore!"

That bit of guerrilla theater aside, the list was pretty weird. Jones has had three straight 100-tackle seasons for the Bengals, but I'd suspect that his is the only Top 10 linebacker list on which he'd find himself. At least he got it right at the top; it's hard to argue with Patrick Willis at #1.

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