Video: DeSean Jackson gets knocked out by vicious, legal hit

This was scary, but contrary to the officials' ruling, it wasn't illegal:

The hit on DeSean Jackson(notes) from Dunta Robinson(notes) was devastating and violent. I'm sure I wasn't the only one holding my breath when a lifeless Jackson appeared to be twitching while on the field. But just because it was nasty doesn't mean it was dirty.

Robinson lowered his head, didn't launch himself and hit Jackson in the shoulder pad, not the helmet. Jackson wasn't a defenseless receiver at the time either, he was a receiver who was in the process of attempting to make a catch. What was Robinson supposed to do? Ease up on Jackson? Give him a love-tap? Yeah, that would have gone over well in film study on Tuesday.

As far as Robinson was concerned, Jackson was a receiver with the ball. He did everything right in trying to tackle him and/or pop the ball loose. That the play resulted in an injury for both (Jackson suffered a concussion and didn't return to the game), was a consequence of playing a violent sport. Don't vilify Robinson for doing his job though.

And if you're desperate to throw around blame for this play, start with Kevin Kolb(notes). He's the one who hung out Jackson to dry.

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