Video: Deion Sanders puts a do-rag on his Hall of Fame bust

If you know anything about Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, you knew that newly inducted Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders was going to go about his speech a little differently. The man who may have been the greatest cover cornerback ever in his prime talked with great emotion about his mother, thanked just about everybody he's ever met (as Andrew Siciliano of the Red Zone Channel and NFL Network said via Twitter, "This is the first, and last, time [rapper] Ice Cube and [longtime Cowboys coach] Dave Campo get thanked in the same speech.")

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And then, when his speech was done, Sanders looked at his bust (which looked more like a thinner Vince Lombardi than any version of Deion I've ever seen) and decided that there was something missing:

Prime also got in the line of the evening when he brought up his reputation for being unable/unwilling to tackle: "Since 1989, I've tackled every bill my momma has ever given me."

And for that reason alone, the do-rag should stay on the bust when it sits in the Hall. There are two very distinct versions of Deion Sanders — the public character, and the private person whom teammates and friends have always sworn by. If that's who Prime Time is, if that's his history, and if he wants that to represent people's remembrance of him, fair enough.

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