Video: After comeback, Stafford took his ball and went home

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

If you've ever played a game involving a ball with a 7-year-old, a Harlem Globetrotter or anyone who likes mimicking pregnant women, you're well acquainted with the "put the ball under your shirt" move. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford brought the elementary school favorite to the NFL on Sunday when he took the final snap of his team's 24-point, comeback victory against the Dallas Cowboys and tucked the ball under his jersey.

Stafford untucked the ball after slapping hands with Nate Burleson, then looked toward the sideline to find an equipment manager, clearly intent on saving the ball for his trophy case. If he really wanted to commemorate the game with mementos, he'd request a pair of Calvin Johnson's gloves and commission an artwork that captures Tony Romo's shattered confidence.

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