Video: Colts called for strangest penalty of the year

In the past two weeks, the Indianapolis Colts have been called for penalties for leverage and illegal batting. On Thursday night, the Colts drew their strangest penalty yet:

Disconcerting signals? What was Antonio Johnson(notes) doing on the line of scrimmage; dating someone for six years and then not proposing? Making loud noises with a shovel at night? I can see how barking out signals while on the defensive line would be a penalty, but what exactly makes said signals disconcerting? Instead of yelling snap counts to confuse the Titans offensive line, was Johnson yelling things like "by the time we're 60, there won't be any social security!"

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Between leverage, illegal batting and disconcerting signals, it sounds like the Colts are being charged with the same RICO statutes as John Gotti.

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