Video: Canadian punter hits record-tying 108-yard punt

Chris Chase

We may have found a punter that can contain Devin Hester.

In a recent game, Chris Milo of the Saskatchewan Roughriders booted a CFL-record 108-yard punt. Sure, it came on a longer field on a windy day and with different rules but 108 yards? That's impressive no matter the league.

What's with these wacky Canadian rules that count the punt from the point of impact? In the states, we'd count Milo as having punted from the 22-yard line, where the ball was snapped. In the CFL, Milo's punt total starts from where he boots the ball, which was at the 12. That's an extra 10 yards. Sammy Baugh would have averaged 60 yards per punt if the NFL used a similar system!

So it's actually a 53-yard punt that got some great bounce. But with the extra 10 yards because of the rule difference, the extra 10 yards on a Canadian football field and all that roll, it was tallied at 108 yards. Even better, it counted for one point for the Roughriders because the kick wasn't fielded in the end zone.