Video: Cameron Diaz weirdly feeds popcorn to Alex Rodriguez

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Early in Super Bowl XLV, FOX cut to a shot of a star-studded luxury box at Cowboys Stadium that polarized living rooms across the country.

Former President George W. Bush was with his wife Laura, a development likely appreciated by Republicans and scorned by Democrats. Though we're all pleased to see Michael Douglas looking so good after treatment for throat cancer, his presence in the box may have reminded folks of the $9.50 they blew on "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps." Or perhaps they were simply happy to see Catherine Zeta Jones (even with that hat). And though everyone I was watching the game with was confused as to why Ashton Kutcher was there, surely there were some teenage girls who swooned when they caught a glimpse of him.

Big Game Ads
Big Game Ads

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That two-second wide shot of a luxury box was a microcosm of the divisiveness that permeates our culture. One person might see Emmitt Smith and think of his separated-shoulder game against the New York Giants, another might see him and think of this.

But then, just like that, FOX cut to another shot which reminded America that no matter how much we disagree sometimes, there are still galvanizing forces that can bring us together. Because no matter your age, race, gender, creed, political affiliation and football rooting interest, everyone agreed that this clip of Cameron Diaz and baseball star Alex Rodriguez was the most unsettling thing this side of Al Davis:

A-Rod would have fed himself, but he's never been able to perform well on the big stage.

Get a room next time, guys. And share your popcorn with John Madden. He looked hungry.

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