Video: Brett Favre dances to 'Ice, Ice Baby' at Vikings practice

All right, stop. Collaborate and listen. Favre is back with a brand-new invention. Something grabs a hold of him tightly, flows like a harpoon, concussed, yet still sprightly.

Here's a video of Brett Favre(notes) dancing to "Ice Ice Baby" at Minnesota Vikings practice this week, much to the delight of his stretching teammates:

All things considered, 2010 has been a pretty miserable year for Favre. He started on top, winning a playoff game and taking the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship, but once there he threw a crippling interception. Eventually he re-retired, was coerced into returning to the Vikings in the summer, got caught up in a sordid scandal, played some of the worst football of his career, had this record streak of consecutive starts snapped and then was fined $50,000 for the aforementioned scandal. If anyone could use some dance-induced catharsis headed into 2011, it's Favre.

[Video: NFL defender unleashes incredible dance on the field]

And to ensure your 2011 isn't like Favre's 2010, I recommend getting the year started off on the right foot by avoiding Favre's dance moves at any New Year's Eve party you may attend.

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