Video: Brady curses about offense, Belichick and Manning converse

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

For this week's edition of "Sound FX," the NFL Network followed Tom Brady and Bill Belichick during the New England Patriots victory over the Indianapolis Colts. In this four-minute clip, you hear Brady dropping some choice (and bleeped) f-words about the offense's lack of time on the field, Belichick boldly stating that the 0-11 Colts defense can't stop his offense and conversations between each of them and Peyton Manning.

It's all great and I recommend watching the whole thing. Pay particular attention to the snap that begins at the 2:28 mark. One thing that never ceases to amaze me when you get up-close camera angles like this is how fast the game goes. Snap, step, throw, hit, touchdown, all in the span of three seconds. Somehow it seems much faster from a ground-level view.

When watching these things, I always wonder how much different players and coaches are when they know the microphone is on them. It's not something I'd expect them to think about while on the field and in the heat of the game, but they have to be aware of it at other points. It's like, if I'm a running back and have an NFL Films microphone on me, it's not going to affect my preparation in the huddle or what I say after I get a first down. But before the game, I may lay it on a little thick, either by joking with refs or saying things I know Steve Sabol will love like, "gorgeous day for a game."

Does Tom Brady really yell "go defense" while sitting on the bench? Is that for the benefit of the cameras he knows are on him?

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