VIDEO: The biggest plays from Week 6 Sunday

Unless you're glued to the NFL's RedZone channel every Sunday (which is a pretty good strategy, if you ask us), you may have missed a few of Sunday's biggest plays. We have thus assembled a few of them for you, in convenient clickable video form.

Asante Samuel's Pick-Six

Boy, did the Falcons need this. It was an uncharacteristically sloppy day for Atlanta's high-octane offense, and quarterback Matt Ryan threw three interceptions. Fortunately for Mike Smith's team, the quarterback on the other side of the field was Carson Palmer of the Oakland Raiders, and Palmer's at that stage of his career where he's going to throw more than his share of bizarre gopherballs. This throw, which allowed Samuel to take it to the house, was especially distressing, because everybody in the league knows that Samuel jumps routes as well as anybody in the NFL.

Harry Douglas' Circus Catch

Some things cannot be explained by physics, and Harry Douglas' catch against the Raiders was a pretty good example of that. This ball bounced off the helmet of Raiders defensive back Joselio Hanson and Douglas made the grab as he fell to the ground. Hanson will now be known as the Jose Canseco of the NFL.

Josh Gordon's One-Handed Catch

The Cleveland Browns selected former Baylor and Utah receiver Josh Gordon in the second round of the 2012 supplemental draft after off-field troubles limited Gordon's ability to stay on NCAA rosters. Nobody ever doubted the kid's talent, though, and he certainly made a big play here in the Browns' first win of the season.

Jacoby Jones' 108-Yard Kick Return

Yes, Baltimore Ravens receiver/returner Jacoby Jones is a fast man. And yes, he's had some success as a special-teamer before. But it also helps if the team facing you refuses to tackle or even touch you as you're flying down the field. The Dallas Cowboys appeared to be laboring under the impression that they were doing 7-on-7 drills, but when you tie the NFL record for kick return length, that's a splash play, even of the defense goes all El Matador.

James Jones' TD Catch

Green Bay Packers receiver Aaron Rodgers looked like the Rodgers we saw in 2011 for the first time this season as the Pack beat the daylights out of the Houston Texans on "Sunday Night Football." The reigning NFL MVP threw for six touchdowns, and we like this grab by James Jones the best.

Tebow Time!

Sorry, folks -- as much as we try to avoid gratuitous Tebow references, his pass play on this fake punt was actually pretty spiffy. NOTE TO TEAMS PLAYING THE JETS: If No. 15 is on the field for punt formation, and he usually is, you should be aware for this. The Colts appeared to have been caught flat-footed.

Robert Griffin III's 76-Yard TD Run

There are some things you just can't stop, and RG3 at full speed is one of them. As much as it's a risk to let their franchise quarterback peel off and risk injury as a rusher, this is why they have to keep doing it. The Elias Sports Bureau reports that RG3 is the first quarterback in league annals to rack up a pass completion and a running play that each went over 75 yards in the same season. Sufficiently impressive.

Antrel Rolle Picks Alex Smith Twice

Is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith ready for prime time? He certainly wasn't against the New York Giants, and safety Antrel Rolle wouldn't mind facing Smith more often.

Ian Rapoport Plays Through a Football in the Face

And finally, there's our good buddy Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, who took a stray football to the face Sunday while trying to do his job. Kudos, Ian, for recovering so well and fighting through adversity -- perhaps you could give the Philadelphia lessons in that.

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