Video: Andy Reid talks about appearing on MNF as a 13-year-old

During Sunday's broadcast of the Philadelphia Eagles game against the Indianapolis Colts, CBS showed footage of a 13-year-old Andy Reid competing in the NFL's famed Punt, Pass and Kick Competition during a "Monday Night Football" game in 1971.

Steve Sabol of NFL Films recently talked to the Eagles head coach about the experience. The interview, along with footage of a gigantic, teenaged Reid competing in the event, is fantastic. Seriously, he's so big he could have been mistaken for one of the guys on the Los Angeles Rams:

For all the repetitive stories we hear during NFL games about coaches and players, it's amazing that it's taken so long to see this footage and hear Reid tell the hilarious story about the evening.

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Everything about the clip is perfect, from Reid's jovial interview to the sheer enormity of his 13-year-old frame compared to the other competitors. Nothing, though, can top the tidbit about him having to borrow the shoulder pads of an NFL player because he was too big to fit into the teen-sized one.

And though the "Monday Night Football" announcer (I can't tell whether that's Frank Gifford or Don Meredith speaking in the clip) says Reid's throw was off line, how about some props for that spiral? No wonder Reid got rid of Donovan McNabb(notes), the coach knows what a good deep ball should look like!

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