Video: Andy Reid and the Eagles blow another timeout

Andy Reid wasting a timeout is like Lindsay Lohan failing a drug test or Nicolas Cage headlining a terrible movie; it's a circumstance in which a person lives up to the spectacularly-low expectations that the rest of the world has for them.

Late in the first half of the Eagles 17-12 loss to the Washington Redskins, Reid and the Eagles made a bizarre error following a timeout that forced the team to kick a field goal rather than go for a makeable fourth-and-inches from near the goal line:

The explanation Reid was seeking was an easy one: when the play clock hits :00, a flag is thrown for delay of game. His and Kevin Kolb's(notes) confusion seemed to stem from the fact that they were unaware that the timeout was of the 30-second variety (which happens when television networks exhaust the required commercial breaks for a half).

Whether the blame lies with Kolb or Reid is irrelevant. Somebody on the Eagles sideline had to realize the play clock was running down and that the team needed to snap the ball to get the play off. Kolb may be a backup, but it's not like he was thrown into the job. He started all preseason before a week one concussion sidelined him in favor of Michael Vick(notes).

Philly was pushed back five yards on the play and had to kick a field goal rather than trying for the touchdown.