Video: Adrian Peterson’s ridiculous touchdown run

It's plays like this from Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson that must have rookie quarterback Christian Ponder thanking his lucky stars every day. Ponder doesn't have great receivers or a dynamic offensive line, but in No. 28, he does have a guy who is capable of creating touchdowns pretty much on his own whenever he feels like it.

Here's a nice example in the third quarter of Minnesota's 24-21 squeaker over the Carolina Panthers:

Yikes. Just when you think he's out, he pulls you back in … and scores a touchdown. How come every running back doesn't make it look this easy? Defender in your face? Just give him a ridiculous jump cut and watch him fade away. Defender trying to tackle you? Simply charge through his effort and continue into the end zone.

There are many great running backs in the NFL — Baltimore's Ray Rice, one of my favorite players, ran for three touchdowns Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. But if you want a one-play reason why Peterson is quite obviously the best in the game, this would be a fairly good example.