Vick says Giants were 'unsportsmanlike', photograph disagrees

The New York media definitely disrespected Michael Vick(notes) after the Philadelphia Eagles miracle comeback on Sunday. According to Vick, so did the New York Giants.

The MVP candidate told Peter King on Sunday night that he was upset none of the Giants stayed on the field for postgame handshakes. "Their entire team ran off the field without shaking hands, which I felt was unsportsmanlike,'' Vick said. "But I know that's a tough way to lose.''

Wait, now Michael Vick is the authority on sportsmanship? The same Michael Vick who used to flip off fans in Atlanta? It's great that he's not running covert dogfighting operations anymore and has recognized the error of his ways, but can we stop trying to turn him into Mother Teresa?

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All right, all right, maybe that was a bit harsh. Vick was right to criticize the Giants for poor sportmanship. None of them stayed on the field to shake hands and that's the definition of being a sore loser.


Some players walked off, as is the norm. Some were also seen dazed and walking around the field after the game, too. But let's say the Giants did walk off without shaking hands. How is that any worse sportsmanship than DeSean Jackson(notes) tauntingly holding the ball aloft at the 30-yard line and running parallel to the goal line before scoring?

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This sportsmanship thing goes too far sometimes. The Eagles were engaged in a frenzied celebration in the end zone after Jackson's return, as they should have been. What were the Giants supposed to do, wait around for them to stop to shake hands? They should have been mad, they should have been disgusted and they should have wanted to get off that field as quickly as possible.

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Shaking hands makes not a sportsman. Neither does taunting those who don't.

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