Unnamed Falcons player upset about Saints running up score

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

On the way to Drew Brees breaking Dan Marino's single-season passing record, the Saints scored a whole lot of touchdowns, and the Falcons resorted to a whole lot of field goals. CBS Sports' Pete Prisco and an unnamed Falcons player had a problem with the Saints continuing to pass when they were up by 22 points.

It was a questionable decision to say the least to go for it in that manner since the Saints have another game to break the record ... The players I talked to all thought it was classless.

"No need for that," one player said. "It came on our watch, but it didn't have to come that way. We won't forget it."

Yes, those sentences were written about an NFL game between divisional rivals, not the pre-season scrimmage played on a Pop Warner field. I have to agree with the take Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon told to Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole.

"No man, it's our job to stop them," said linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who missed New Orleans running back Darren Sproles on the record-setting play. "I can't say I'm upset by them running up the score or anything like that when I had a chance to make a play."

Not only did the Falcons have a chance to stop Brees from getting the record during Monday night's game, they also could have stopped him during their game in November. Brees dropped 322 yards on the Falcons in that game.

That's the beauty of football. If this unnamed Falcon has a problem with something the Saints have done, he can exact revenge on the football field.

Grazie, SB Nation.

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