University of Minnesota show shoveling: there's a webcam for that

For some reason, the University of Minnesota is running a live webcast of the snow shoveling efforts at its TCF Bank Stadium as workers rush to prepare it for Monday night's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

Now, watching folks clear away snow in low-resolution might not sound interesting and, to be honest, it's really not. But it is oddly hynoptic. I've had it open for an hour and keep switching back to the window to see if anything new is happening and on the off chance that I witness a minor snow-plow accident or someone making a lewd design in the snow. Because of this, my morning productivity has been slashed in -- oh, who am I kidding. If it wasn't this, it would have been something else.

As we mentioned on Wednesday, there's a lot of work that needs to be done to the University of Minnesota football stadium before it hosts an NFL game on Monday night. Parking lots need to be cleared, snow needs to be removed, the entire stadium has to be shoveled, concession stands and bathrooms need to be de-winterized; it's going to be a huge effort to get TCF Bank Stadium ready for the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

So, of course, getting a webcam up and running was priority No. 1.

Here's another picture, this time with volunteers in the lower half of the stadium clearing away snow:

These volunteers are going to look back upon their helpful attitude with a lot of bitterness once the Vikings move to Los Angeles.

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