Tyrann Mathieu can play a little basketball too (Video)

Ball Player from Todd Randall on Vimeo.

Players who can switch between sports easily are fascinating, like Allen Iverson being a great high school football player or Terrelle Pryor also being one of the top-ranked hoops recruits in the country when he was No. 1 in football. It's why we love Bo Jackson still, and why we debate if LeBron James would have made for a good tight end.

That's why the clip of Arizona Cardinals rookie defensive back Tyrann Mathieu showing off some good moves on the basketball court is being passed around on social media.

While I'm not going to vouch for the level of competition Mathieu is doing this against, it's a pretty fun show to watch. Mathieu is very quick, which isn't a surprise if you saw him play at LSU (and, you probably have to be quick to succeed at basketball when you're about 5-9), and during the video he also makes a few shots. It appears Mathieu has never played organized basketball at a significant level, which makes his basketball highlights pretty impressive. I don't think the Phoenix Suns are going to sign him up ... though looking at the Suns roster, it couldn't hurt.

The video is a good glimpse at Mathieu's athleticism, which has never been in question. He didn't slip in the draft because of his talent at LSU, it came from his drug issues – and even with all those problems and sitting out a year on suspension, he still went in the third round.

Most of Mathieu's problems have been the result of using marijuana, and he seems intent on turning his troubled life around. Hopefully he can keep away from the demons that have affected him before, because he obviously has the athletic talent to make it in the NFL.

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