'Hot' Super Bowl 50 ref Clete Blakeman has Twitter on fire

The visual appeal of Super Bowl 50 got turned up a notch once people took notice of referee Clete Blakeman, the game's 51-year-old lead official. Aside from the usual complaints by fans who've followed Blakeman's controversial career, other Twitter users focused in on his physique.

But who, exactly, is Clete Blakeman? Long before he was officiating the Panthers-Broncos showdown, Blakeman was a backup quarterback at Nebraska from 1984 to 1987. He got his start as a field judge in the NFL in 2008 before transitioning to referee two years later.

Sorry though, ladies, by the looks of his Twitter profile, he's happily married.

Here's a sampling of some women who found Mr. Blakeman easy on the eyes. 

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