Your turn for an embarrassing music video, Patriots

I don't know what it is about football success that brings out the worst in amateur musicians, but there seems to be a correlation. Monday, it was the Packers, and yesterday, it was the Giants ... I didn't plan it this way, but let's finish it off with three in a row and give the Patriots their turn.

The song is called "PAT-RIOT," and, um ... well, it's really something. If someone held me at gunpoint and told me I had to hang out for a day with the Brett Favre Boogie guy, or the gentlemen responsible for the PAT-RIOT, I go with the Brett Favre Boogie guy, and I don't think twice.

Thanks to With Leather for the find, by the way. If With Leather isn't a site you're familiar with, they have a lot of great stuff over there, and I think a lot of you would really, really like it.

• Should Have Sent a Poet / With Leather
• PAT-RIOT / YouTube

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